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Drinking water

Having access to clean and safe drinking water is essential for your everyday living. We’re proud to supply Auckland’s water and take every care to make sure it’s reliable and healthy.

How do we provide your drinking water?

Our main purpose is to supply safe drinking water to Auckland’s people.

Your water comes from several sustainable sources, such as storage dams in the Waitākere and Hūnua Ranges, groundwater and the Waikato River. We collect and treat this water, and we make sure it meets drinking water quality standards. Each day, we supply millions of litres around Auckland.

In normal conditions we will provide residents with:

  • water pressure of at least 200 kPa
  • a water flow rate of at least 25 litres per minute (based on 15mm residential water meter).

At our treatment plants, we follow the requirements of Taumata Arowai's Drinking Water Quality Assurance Rules 2022. We also constantly monitor and test water quality across our network so we’ll quickly know of any changes in quality.

What is water fluoridation?

Fluoride is a mineral that helps reduce tooth decay. It can be added to drinking water supplies in a process called water fluoridation, to a level between 0.7 and 1.0 parts per million.

According to the Ministry of Health, this is the optimal amount. It:

  • protects against tooth decay
  • poses no significant health risks
  • is recommended by many national and international health bodies.

Our role is to undertake and maintain compliant fluoridation systems to help improve the health of Auckland’s people. It’s dosed at the request of the Director-General of Health, under the Health (Fluoridation of Drinking Water) Amendment Act 2021 (“The Act”).