What happens during water outages and interruptions?

We answer calls to our fault line 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

Phone (09) 442 2222, press 1.

Report a fault online.

Check our current outages page for the latest outages. 

We’ll keep you informed

For planned work, we will give you 5 working days written notice and plan our work to minimise inconvenience to you. These will also be on our current outages page

For unplanned work, we aim to respond within 2 hours to any unplanned interruption to our service, and restore service within 5 hours. 

If our work is expected to affect a large part of the network, we will put a notice in community papers.

We will announce any major fault or outage on our website and phone system, so that you know what has happened and when we will restore service.  

Water supply

If any interruption to the water supply, planned or unplanned, exceeds 5 hours, we will make sure you have access to clean water.

Depending on how soon we can restore the supply, we may provide bottled water to your property if you need it, or set up a water tanker or hydrant close to your property. 

Learn more: Report a fault/I have no water 

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Who repairs property damage after faults or works?

Projects around Auckland

As the region grows, we are expanding and upgrading our assets.