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Who is responsible for pipes?

Ownership of water and wastewater pipes passes from Watercare to you at the point of supply. Here’s how to pinpoint where that is on your property.

The point of supply is where our network connects with a private network, for example, the pipes on your property.

For both residential and business customers, we’re responsible for the pipes, meters, backflow prevention devices and other network assets on our side of the point of supply.

It’s your responsibility to maintain all the pipes, fittings and devices on your side of the point of supply.

Below, you’ll find examples of where the point of supply is likely to be on your property.

For more information, please read our Customer Contract (Section 4).

Water pipes
Wastewater pipes

A note on cross-lease boundaries

For our purposes, the boundaries between cross-lease properties don’t apply. We recognise the legal boundary of the original title of the property. Any issues of responsibility within the legal boundary fall to the property owners, who should refer to the terms of the cross-lease.

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