Report a water, wastewater (sewage) or odour issue

Check for water outages

Step 2: If there are no water outages listed for your area, chat with H2Bro to report a water or wastewater (sewage) issue. H2Bro is available from 6.30am-10.30pm Monday to Friday, and 7am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.

Report a fault

Step 3: Make sure you tell us the size, scale and impact of the water leak or wastewater (sewage) issue. Photos are very helpful.

Step 4: If you prefer to phone us, call 
(09) 442 2222 and press 1.

Report a water, wastewater (sewage) or odour issue

Log a water, wastewater (sewage) or odour issue so our team can investigate

H2Bro makes reporting a drinking water or wastewater (sewage) issue in your neighbourhood less time consuming. When you click the button above, H2Bro will handle your report from start to finish. You'll receive a notification when your conversation is finished, and another one when your job is logged. There is no need to follow up with a phone call.

Photos are important when reporting an issue

Please always include the following photos with your report:

  • At least one close up photo identifying the fault

  • At least one wider photo which features the fault and identifies the street or area that the fault is on

Together, these photos will ensure our team has a clear understanding of the scale and impact of the issue and where it is located.

Click here to report a fault

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Working in your neighbourhood

When our crews attend a water or wastewater (sewage) fault in your neighbourhood, they will always be wearing hi vis and carry ID cards. They may also be driving a Watercare branded vehicle. If, however, you are unsure whether they are from Watercare, please don't hesitate to ask for identification. Please be assured that our crews will never ask you for any form of payment.