Reinstatement after a fault repair

Leak reinstatement in Auckland
Immediately after we have repaired a fault, we will temporarily reinstate the worksite (see photo). If any ground surface has been excavated or removed, we fill it in with cold-mix asphalt to allow safe access for people and motorists.

Simple reinstatement requiring topsoil and grass seed on a small piece of berm or lawn is often carried out immediately after the repair. If the work site is larger, it will normally be done within a week if the weather permits.

Concrete reinstatement is grouped by location to ensure costs and time spent on repairs is minimised. It means a concrete truck can efficiently move from one site to another to pour concrete, while it is still wet.
The next step is to plan and carry out the permanent reinstatement of the driveway, footpath or road to its original state. This means the time it takes us to carry out permanent concrete reinstatement can vary greatly based on what area we are scheduled to be working in. Some sites are reinstated within a few weeks, whereas others may not be booked in for many months. Sites that require traffic management often have a longer wait for permanent reinstatement.

Concrete reinstatement is normally carried out over three days. First we cut and remove existing concrete, then we box it up in preparation for pouring, before the concrete pour takes place on day three. Sometimes jobs can be delayed due to bad weather.

To check when reinstatement is scheduled to take place, please call our faults team on 09 442 2222 and press 1.