The leak repair process

The report a leak process

When a leak is reported to us, our faults team gives it a priority level based on a number of factors including the volume of water being lost, health and safety risks and the potential for property damage. See more about how we prioritise leaks and the expected response times here.

More than 90 percent of faults reported to us are investigated and repaired in the expected timeframe.

Sometimes repairing leaks is not as easy as you may think. Finding the location of a leak is often a challenge in itself, as water does not always come out of the ground at the exact spot where the pipe has cracked. The repair can also be hindered by factors including the need for traffic management and other health and safety measures. If work needs to be carried out near a tree, for example, we may need to engage an arborist from Auckland Council. When a leak is repaired, we will let you know by text, email or phone.

The work site will be temporarily filled in to ensure there is no safety risk to the public. This will remain in place until we can carry out permanent reinstatement.
Click here to learn more about the reinstatement process.