Water treatment and supply

Carrying water from the source to your tap, our vast networks include more than 9,000 kilometres of pipes
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Each day, we supply around 350 million litres of top-quality drinking water to the people of Auckland.

The water is drawn from dams, rivers and aquifers. Before it reaches you, we remove suspended solids, dirt particles and harmful micro-organisms.

Water pressure and flow

In normal conditions we will provide residents with:

  • water pressure of at least 200 kPa
  • a water flow rate of at least 25 litres per minute (based on 15mm residential water meter). Learn more
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Treating water

Follow the process from raw water to drinking water. 

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Monitoring and testing

We check the water at every stage to ensure it meets Ministry of Health standards.

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Drinking water quality

Your tap water comes from natural sources and is treated to high standards.