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About water meters

Your water meter measures how much water you use. Learn about the different meters, make sure you’ve got the right one and find out how to manage your water bill.

What does your water meter do?

Your monthly bill is based on the amount of water you use, and your water meter measures this. We read your water meter every second month so you get an accurate bill.

Older meters need a person to visit your property and physically read them, while new smart meters digitally send us the readings. The measurement is also useful to help you manage your water use and if you’re checking for a leak. 

There are different types of meters to best suit water use for things like irrigation and apartment buildings. We also base our charges on whether your meter is classified as domestic or commercial.

The pages and FAQs below give more detail on water meters so you can make sure you’ve got the best one for your property.

Which water meter serves my property?

Photo showing two men kneeling next to an open water meter box.