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Smart meters

We’re updating our mechanical water meters with smart meters. They give more detailed info about your water use to help you save water and manage your bill.

Why are we replacing water meters?

Water meters record your water use. Our charges are based on their readings, so they’re an essential part of our network and ensure we fairly charge you. They wear out over time, so we replace ageing mechanical water meters with smart meters.

What are the benefits of smart meters?

  • Monthly bills from us based on your actual water use. With mechanical meters, your bill is based on an estimate every second month.
  • Live visibility of your water usage through our app. See your monthly, daily and half hourly use, to help conserve water and keep your costs down.
  • Quick notification about possible water leaks through our app, so you can save water and avoid a higher bill.

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What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is a water meter that measures consumption electronically. Water usage readings are taken every thirty minutes and this data is sent to us once daily. You can get the readings directly to your phone via our app to help manage your water use and receive notification about possible leaks. It records battery level, signal strength, date and time, and sends alerts if there is a problem with the meter.

How to read your smart meter

First check if you have a Landis + Gyr or EDMI smart meter by comparing to the images below, then follow the instructions for the meter you have.

Reading your Landis + Gyr smart meter

Diagram showing a smart meter, with labels indicating the signal status, water flow indicator, unit of measurement and optical sensor.

The meter has six display options. To get your meter reading, you want to be on the ‘Accumulated flow’ display. The meter display options are:

  • Accumulated (total) flow (m3)
  • Instantaneous flow (m3/h)
  • Water temperature (°C)
  • Water pressure (MPa)
  • Wireless interface
  • Error Flag: Err 0000000

To read your meter follow these steps:

  1. Move between display options by placing your finger over the optical sensor for less than two seconds (bottom right corner of meter, see image above for location).
  2. Make sure you’re on the Accumulated (total) flow (m3) screen. This view shows the total recorded water through the meter since its installation. It’s identifiable by the units used (m3), and you’ll see four digits after the decimal point.
  3. Note down date, time and all the numbers before and after the decimal point. This is your meter reading, in cubic metres (m3) of water used. Please also take a picture as a backup.

Reading your EDMI smart meter

Photo of a smart meter control panel.
  • Opening the lid should awaken the screen. If the lid is open and the display is in sleep mode, there are two ways to turn it on:
  • Close and open the lid.
  • Use your finger to briefly cover the optical sensor (black round object below the battery icon on the right).
  • The screen should now show the last active display.
  • Repeatedly put your figure over the optical sensor, or close and open the lid, until the display changes to show volumetric with kL as the unit.
  • Note down date, time and all the numbers before and after the decimal point. This is your meter reading, in kilolitres (kL) of water used. Please also take a picture as a backup.