I'm a Landlord or property manager

Ō āhei i roto o MyAccount

What you can do in MyAccount

You can manage all your property portfolio accounts in one place using MyAccount.

With MyAccount, you can view all your accounts using a single login. Use the handy filters to see which accounts are due first, with outstanding amounts highlighted at the top. You can also apply for leak allowances and connect to Xero with ease.

For each property, you can

  • make a one off payment
  • set up direct debit or recurring credit card payments
  • activate e-billing for you and your tenants
  • view account balances and due dates
  • view or print past bills
  • view past transactions
  • manage online access for tenants.

Update several accounts in one go

You can quickly and easily update your email and billing address for several accounts in one go by clicking on ‘Account options’ in the main menu. Select either e-billing or billing address, and then tick the accounts to be updated.

Pay several accounts in one go

You can pay several accounts in one go by clicking on ‘Pay a bill’ in the main menu. Tick the accounts you’d like to pay in one transaction.

How to register

To register for MyAccount, you’ll need your latest water bill. We’ll need:

  • your Watercare account number
  • the date on the bill
  • the balance on the bill.

Our step-by-step video below walks you through.

Your tenants can register for MyAccount

Your tenants can register using the account details for their property. An authorised tenant can access all the billing and payment features of MyAccount. If they’re unauthorised, they can still register and pay bills online. You can authorise tenants by completing an online form.