I'm a Landlord or property manager

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Manage Watercare accounts with ease: make monthly payments, pay fixed charges annually, grant tenants access to accounts and sign up for e-billing.

Make changes to an account

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Grant access to your account

If you're the property owner, here's how to grant authority to others to access your account.

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Residential tenants moving in and out

What you need to do when tenants move house.

image for Business tenants moving in and out

Business tenants moving in and out

What you need to do when there’s a change of lease.

Self-service tools

We make it easy for you to manage your property portfolio on your desktop or mobile.

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Register for MyAccount

You can manage all your property portfolio accounts in one place using MyAccount.

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Get the Watercare app

Gain insights into water use at your properties and pay bills on the go.

Charges, billing and payments

Find out about our water and wastewater charges and learn how to read our bills.

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Our charges

Understand how we charge for water and wastewater services.

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Pay a fixed annual charge

Opt in to pay monthly fixed wastewater charges in a lump sum for one year.

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Higher bill than usual?

Common causes for a high bill and what you can do to rule out possible causes.

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Get a copy of your bill

Log into MyAccount to get a copy of your bill.

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How to read a residential bill

See how to read each part of your monthly bill, so it’s clear and easy to understand.

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How to read a commercial bill

Get a visual breakdown on the different parts of your business bill.

Save money with e-billing

Did you know that both you and your tenants can receive e-bills? Sign up in MyAccount and save on postage charges.

Apply for a leak allowance

Eligibility and steps to apply for a leak allowance.

Special support

Learn how we can support our customers with challenges or special accommodations.

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Financial hardship

See how we can help in the case of financial challenges.

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Priority assistance

Solutions for those who live with sight or hearing impairment, a medical condition or disability.

Managing water

Worried about a leak or need information about where the responsibility for payments lies? Here’s information to help.

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Find and read your meter

How to find and read your meter to check water use or confirm a leak.

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Check for leaks

The steps you can take to check whether you have a leak on your property.

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Who is responsible?

Understand who’s responsible for payments, pipes, water meters, repairs and more.

Learn more

Customer promise, standards and contract

Understand what you can expect from us, how to help us maintain great service standards and how our contract works.

Tip for saving water

Tips to save water (and reduce your water bill) around the house.

Account FAQs

All your questions answered - from billing and payments to accounts.