How to report an issue

Across Auckland we have more than 9,000 kilometres of pipes delivering water to homes and businesses. If they were placed end-to-end, they would reach as far as Hong Kong. There are more than 440,000 connections to our water network and millions of separate joints. With a network of this size and complexity, unfortunately leaks are inevitable.

When leaks are reported to us, we give them a priority level based on several factors: the volume of water being lost, health and safety risks, and the potential for property damage.

In this section of the information hub, you'll learn how to report a fault (leak), check for outages in your area, and the process involved in fixing leaks across our network.

Image of a leak on a footpath

How to report a fault

Learn how to report a water or wastewater leak on the public network
Image of a leak with water flying into the air

Current outages

Check for water outages and shutdowns in your area
Image of water leaking across a footpath

How we prioritise leaks

Find out how leaks are prioritised by our team
A team of two Watercare crew fixing a leak on the public network

The leak repair process

Find out about the process involved in repairing leaks across our network
Photo of soil covering where a leak has been repaired on a berm

Reinstatement after a fault

Learn about what happens during the reinstatement process
Image of homeowners checking their water meter for a leak

Check for a private leak

Check for a leak on your private property by following some simple steps. You will need to call a plumber to repair a private leak.