Who we are

We ensure Auckland and its people continue to enjoy dependable services by upgrading our assets, and by planning, building and delivering new infrastructure in cost-efficient ways.

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Our vision

Trusted by our communities for exceptional performance every day.

Better tomorrow than we are today | Pai ake apōpō atu i tēnei rā

Our mission

Reliable, safe and efficient water and wastewater services.

Who we serve

We provide water and wastewater services to 1.7 million people in the Auckland region. In Papakura, we provide bulk services to Veolia Water, which manages the local community’s network and retail services. Our testing facilities, Watercare Laboratory Services, monitor and test drinking water and wastewater for over a third of New Zealand’s population.

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Who owns us

Watercare is a council-controlled organisation, wholly owned by Auckland Council. The council appoints our board of directors, who in turn appoint our chief executive.

Our board of directors and executives are committed to ensuring the company applies best-practice policies and procedures. 

The board is ultimately responsible for making governance decisions. Meet the Board of directors and executives.

How we are funded

We do not receive any funding from Auckland Council or the government, nor do we pay a dividend to Auckland Council.
All the money we receive from customers goes into operating, maintaining and expanding our networks of pipes, treatment plants, pump stations and other infrastructure.
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Pie chart showing how we are funded.