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Customer promise, standards and contract

Understand what you can expect from us, how to help us maintain great service standards and how our contract works.

Our customer promise

We promise to deliver water and wastewater services you can trust.

What our promise means

We’ll always provide you with safe drinking water and treat your wastewater to protect the environment. Not only that, but you can expect us to treat you with respect and take your feedback seriously. This has always been our focus – and we hope you’ll hold us accountable for delivering on it.

Our customer promise reflects the expectations our customers have shared of their water company. For example, they understand that sometimes things go wrong, but they measure us on how effectively and efficiently we respond to those situations. They also want to be informed of issues that impact them – not just once, but throughout the process.

Our promise strives to acknowledge these and many other customer expectations.

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How we deliver on our promise

Planned water outages
Unplanned water outages
Wastewater overflows

Our service standards

  • Water supply pressure: minimum normal service target: 200 kilopascals (kPa)
  • Water supply flow rate: minimum normal service target: 25 litres per minute (based on 15mm residential water meter)
  • Water quality: maintain Ministry of Health drinking water standard
  • Restoring water shutdowns: 96 per cent restored within five hours
  • Enquiries and complaints: respond to enquiries within three working days of receiving them and to complaints within 10 working days of receiving them

Customer contract

When you become a Watercare customer, you automatically contract with us. Your contract is a legally binding document that we update annually on July 1st. In it, you’ll find:

  • The terms under which we provide water and wastewater services to you
  • Your responsibility to pay for these services
  • Price schedules for domestic customers
  • Your rights in any dispute with us

More info on our contract, charges and billing

Residential charges
Business charges
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