Wet weather overflows

In heavy rain, the stormwater that drains from the average roof is equivalent to the wastewater (sewage) flows from more than 40 households.

During a major downpour the ground can’t absorb all the water. If properties have downpipes that are cracked or incorrectly connected, the water can seep into wastewater pipes. This can greatly increase the flow to our treatment plants.

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What we are doing to reduce overflows

We are working on a range of projects to improve the wastewater network.

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What you can do

Do you have old, leaky pipes? Or downpipes that connect to the wastewater network? 

What is the difference between stormwater and wastewater (sewage)?
What’s in the overflow water?
Who is responsible for wastewater (sewage) and stormwater?
How are wastewater (sewage) and stormwater managed?
Why replace combined wastewater systems?

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Wastewater (sewage) overflow points

This map shows overflow points in Auckland that are known to discharge at high volume more than 12 times per year. 

Safe swimming at beaches

Auckland Council recommends that you do not swim in any beaches or waterways up to 48 hours after heavy rain.

Visit the council’s Safeswim page