Apply for a domestic connection

Our development portal is up and running
The portal makes it easy to apply for and track new connections, asset creation and works over applications. Once you’ve set up your account you can access the dashboard for progress updates or to apply for a new connection.


Apply for a domestic connection

Domestic connection step 1 Domestic connection step 2 Domestic connection step 3 Domestic connection step 6

Depending on what services you require in your home, you can apply for the following:

  • Water and wastewater (connect to both networks) 

  • Water only (new or additional meter) 

  • Wastewater only

If you are a homeowner planning to build a new home that involves a water or wastewater connection

  • It’s a good idea to seek advice from a drainlayer, architect, engineer or other qualified person. They will know the requirements and standards you must comply with. Auckland Council may consult us if you are applying for building consent.

Before you start gathering your information, here's some useful information

  • To learn about building consents, click here to go to Auckland Council’s website.
  • The image below helps to explain our Infrastructure Growth Charges. Click here to view our connection charges.

image explaining infrastructure growth charges in Auckland

Now, follow the steps below to avoid delays with your application.

Step 1: Are there services in my area?
Step 2: Prepare your information

Once you have all the required information on hand, follow the final three steps below.

Step 3: Apply
Step 4: Invoice and payment
Step 5: Once payment is made

What is the time frame for installing a connection? 

We aim to deliver the service you requested within 15 working days of receiving payment. This can, however, be dependent on the complexity of the job and traffic management requirements.


When does billing start? 

Water and wastewater: We start charging from the time we install the meter. 

Water only: We start charging from the time we install the meter. 

Wastewater only: We start charging from the date we approve your application.

Got a question? 

Phone us on (09) 442 2222, press 4. Or email [email protected]