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Tono mō tētahi hononga ā-kāinga

Apply for a residential connection

Connect your residential home to our water and wastewater networks.

If you’re planning to build

If you’re a homeowner planning to build a new home, we recommend you seek water and wastewater advice from a drain layer, architect, engineer, or relevant qualified person before you make any decisions.

They’ll know the requirements and standards you must comply with for a successful residential connection application. If you are applying for building consent, Auckland Council might consult us.

The Auckland Council website has all you need to know about attaining building consent.

Apply for a residential connection

You have three different application options:

  • water and wastewater (connecting to both networks)
  • water only (installing a new or additional meter)
  • wastewater only

Time your connection to save money

To postpone our monthly fixed charges, connect to our network shortly before your project’s completion date.

  • For water and wastewater or water only, we start charging as soon as we install the meter.
  • For wastewater only, we start charging from the date we approve your application.

The residential connection process

Check for our services in your area
Prepare your information and documentation
Review and pay your invoice
Installation and connection
Completion and certificate of connection

Need help?

If you have any questions, search our FAQs. For direct support, contact our team at (09) 442 2222 or email [email protected]