What to know before you apply

Whether you’re working on a public or private site, it’s important to reduce the risk of damaging our pipes, manholes and other equipment. 

By protecting and maintaining our assets, we ensure a secure and reliable service.

If you plan to dig or build near our assets (pipes or manholes), you must check whether you need our approval to start work. Digging, piling or blasting may damage our assets, or prevent us from maintaining them.

Works Over approval is dependant on how close your work will be to our assets. The requirements are set out in Section 8 of the Auckland Council Water Supply and Wastewater Network Bylaw 2015.

Apply for Works Over approval now

Are Watercare assets near my work area?
Critical and non-critical assets
Works within 10 metres of critical assets
Works within 2 metres of non-critical assets
Minimum cover requirements
How long will you take to process my application?
How much will it cost?
Regulations and guidelines