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Apply to connect your water and/or wastewater pipes to our network or change an existing connection.

Water connections

image for Ready to apply now?

Ready to apply now?

If you understand the process and have documents ready, jump into our online application portal.

image for Business connections

Business connections

How to apply for a business (commercial) connection. This includes bulk meters for unit title developments (apartments).

image for Residential connections

Residential connections

How to apply for a residential (domestic) connection.

Change an existing connection

Steps to change or relocate a water and/or wastewater connection.

Clevedon connections

Apply for a connection if you’re in Clevedon.

Wastewater connections

A digger excavates the road reserve on Kaipataki Rd

Connecting wastewater pipes

Developers, property owners, builders or drainlayers who want to connect private drainage to public pipes.

New pipeline installed in the road reserve along Kaipataki Drive. A pipeline in the ground.

Complex wastewater connections

Some connections must be done by our maintenance contractors. Understand if this is the case, and how to apply.

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Steps to connect a fire sprinkler to the network.

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Understand how IGC charges work.