Rain tank water meters

How we charge for wastewater

We charge each household a fee for collecting and treating their wastewater. This is your contribution to maintaining our network.
As a user of rain tank water, you have two options for paying this:

  • No meter: you pay a fixed charge, which stays the same no matter how much wastewater you discharge.

  • Meter: you pay a lower fixed charge, plus a volumetric component. The volumetric component will vary, based on the volume of water that flows through your meter.

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Why install a water meter?
Can I switch to a combined fixed/volumetric charge?
What will it cost to install a meter?

Other things to consider

Water meter: You must use an Elster Kent water meter.

Location: See our installation guidelines: siting the meter PDF

Responsibilities: Rainwater tanks and household plumbing are private systems on private property. It is your responsibility to maintain the water meter and your private plumbing network.

Estimated meter readings

We will send you a bill each month. To keep costs down, we alternate between actual readings, and estimates based on past readings. Learn more: meter readings

Your first bill

The timing of your first fixed/volumetric bill will depend on when the meter reader is in your area. In some cases, it may take up to two months for your first volumetric charges to appear on the bill.

Please note your bill totals may vary during the first few months as we gain enough information to accurately estimate your use.

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Q and A: detailed information about rain tank water meters 

Rain tank water meter application form

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