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Working near or over our assets

You will need approval when working near or over our assets. Find out whether you need approval, what to do and how to apply. 

Protecting our water supply

Protecting our assets helps ensure a safe and reliable water supply for everyone. So it’s important our pipes, manholes and other equipment don’t get damaged.

If you plan to dig, pile, blast or build near or over our assets (pipes or manholes), you will need our approval to start work as these activities could cause damage or prevent us from maintaining those assets.

‘Works Over’ approval will depend on how close your work will be to our assets. The information below will help you determine whether you need approval and if so, how to go about it.

Before applying for approval

What you need to know to make an assessment.

Is your work area near our assets?
What ‘near to our assets’ means
Critical and non-critical assets

Rules for working near our assets

Within 10 metres of a critical asset
Within two metres of a non-critical asset
Minimum cover requirements
Regulations and guidelines
Complete a Works Over request for final sign-off and Code of Compliance