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Whether you’re a new commercial customer or are managing several properties across Auckland, we are here to help. We recognise that our commercial customers have different needs to residential customers, so this section of the website should help cater for those needs. The commercial customer hub means you don’t need to spend time scanning our website to get the information you’re after. Instead, it’s all here across a handful of pages.

Before you scroll through the menu tiles below, here's some fast facts about our responsibilities, your responsibilities, and your water bill

Our responsibilities

"E taurangi ana mātou, ka tukuna he ratonga e paingia rā e koe mō te wai me te waipara."
"We promise to deliver water and wastewater services you can trust."

That is our customer promise: to always provide you with safe drinking water and treat your wastewater to protect the environment. Not only that, you can also expect us to treat you with respect and take your feedback seriously. While this has always been our focus, we are keen for you to be aware of it and hold us to account.

Our customer promise is informed by what our customers told us they expect from their water company. They said, for example, they understand that from time to time things may go wrong, but they measure us on how effectively and efficiently we respond to those situations. Also, customers made it very clear that they wanted to be kept informed of issues that impacted them, not just once, but every time and throughout the process. Our promise acknowledges these and many other customer expectations. Click here for more on our promise.

Your responsibilities

As the property owner, you are responsible for paying the bill and for maintaining your private water and wastewater pipes. If your property is rented, it is your responsibility to make payment arrangements with your lessees.

Tell us before you make changes to your property

Increasing your need for our services slowly or suddenly can result in failed and compromised equipment which can be costly for you and us to repair. Changes in use can also mean you need to update your wastewater pricing plan. It’s important to keep an eye on your monthly bill to make sure you’re using the expected amount of water. Ensuring your information is up to date means we have all the relevant information to calculate your wastewater charges correctly. Your responsibility is to inform us of important changes at your property. That responsibility is detailed in our customer contract.

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Tapping into your water bill

Every month you'll receive a bill that lists your water, wastewater and fixed charges. We charge you per kilolitre (1kL equals 1,000 litres) of water used, while wastewater is calculated on your industry code. Every second month, we may estimate your water use rather than read your meter. This is one of the ways we keep our costs down.

Where is my water meter?

Your water meter is usually just outside your property boundary. It is in the ground in a timber, plastic, concrete or metal box. Our meter readers need to access your water meter regularly so please make sure it is not overgrown or covered. Some water meters are located within a property boundary. Contact us if accessing your property is difficult because of locked gates or health and safety reasons.

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Water efficiency

Learn about water efficiency and put these helpful tips to use across your organisation. Click here.
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Pricing plans

The wastewater tariff system has five pricing plans for businesses. If you are increasing or decreasing your demand, you may benefit from changing your plan. Find out more here.
Our team taking a wastewater audit

Wastewater audits

Commercial customers can apply for a tailored wastewater discharge calculation when they believe the standard percentage for their industry does not reflect their wastewater discharge. Click here to find out about wastewater audits, or to request a wastewater audit click here.
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Our charges

Read our current charges and learn how we calculate them. Click here.
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Infrastructure Growth Charge

The Infrastructure Growth Charge (IGC) is a contribution towards the capital investment we have made in bulk infrastructure to provide services to new or existing customers who increase their demand on our services. Click here to learn more.
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Baseline demand

Baselines allow us to measure growth and water savings. Each commercial property has a unique baseline. Click here to learn more.
Backflow device


Backflow occurs when water flows backwards into the public water network. An unwanted reverse flow can cause contaminants such as harmful bacteria or chemicals to enter the water supply. Changes you make on-site can mean your backflow prevention equipment may need to change. Click here to learn more.
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Lease agreements

If you have a lessee moving in or out of your property, we may be able to invoice them directly. Click here to find out more.
Photo of one of our team taking a special meter reading

Special reading

Request a special meter reading if tenants are moving in or out of your property. Click here for more.
Water meter

Meter sizes

For information about meter types, sizes and what they are used for, click here.
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If you want to move or remove one of your connections, you need to make an application to us. Click here to find out more.
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Building and developing

Developing a property can span from changing the internal space to demolishing and starting from scratch. These activities often require our approval. Click here to find out more.
Trade waste testing

Trade waste

Please make sure all liquid waste from your business is safe to enter the public wastewater system. Click here for all you need to know.
Rain tank

Alternate water sources

Learn about the alternate water sources that are in use across Auckland and the rules associated with each. Click here for more.

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