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Manage your Watercare business account with ease: make payments, get a copy of your bill, check your balance, sign up for e-billing and more.

Pay a bill

Whether you want to pay once or set up a recurring payment, you’ll find every option available.

Log in to MyAccount

Make payments, get your account balance, set up e-billing and much more.

Request a wastewater audit

An audit can confirm you're on the right pricing plan for your business.

Self-service tools


Register for MyAccount

Update your account details and manage your billing and payments in our self-service online portal.

Watercare app

Get the Watercare app

Download our app to get more info on your water use, helping you manage your bill and check for leaks.

Billing and charges

Learn how charges work for commercial properties across Auckland and answer your questions about billing and troubleshooting a high bill.

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How charges work

Understand how fees and charges work for commercial properties.

Picture of a bill.

How to read your bill

See how to read each part of your monthly bill, so it’s clear and easy to understand.

Sign up for e-billing

Sign up in MyAccount to save on postage and do your bit for the environment.

Get account balance

Check your current account balance or download your bill in MyAccount.

Request a refund

If one of your accounts has more than $20 in credit, you can request a refund using our simple form.

Apply for a leak allowance

Eligibility and steps to apply for a leak allowance.

Account changes

Resources for changing access, tenants and buying or selling property.

Photo of a woman on her phone while sitting at a computer.

Grant access to your account

If you're the property owner, here's how to grant authority to others to access your account.

image for Buying or selling a property

Buying or selling a property

What to know about managing your Watercare account when buying or selling a business.

image for Tenants moving in and out

Tenants moving in and out

How to manage water services when business tenants change.

Managing water

Worried about a leak or need information about how to track your business’s water use? Here’s information to help.

image for Find and read your meter

Find and read your meter

How to find and read your meter to check water use or confirm a leak.

Man checking shower head for a leak.

Check for leaks

The steps you can take to check whether you have a leak on your property.

image for Who is responsible?

Who is responsible?

Understand who’s responsible for payments, pipes, water meters, repairs and more.

Special Support

Learn how we can support our customers with challenges or special accommodations.

Manukau Harbour.

Financial hardship

See how we can help in the case of financial challenges.

Photo of a woman holding a white cane with her hand on her mailbox.

Priority assistance

Solutions for those who live with sight or hearing impairment, a medical condition or disability.