General FAQs

We own and are responsible for repairing and maintaining the pipes and meters on our side of the point of supply.

Homeowners own and are responsible for repairing and maintaining the pipes on their side of the point of supply.

Learn more and view diagrams:  Who is responsible for pipes?

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Auckland’s water supply comes from dams, rivers and sources under the ground. 

Yes. We treat your water to New Zealand Drinking Water Standards to ensure it is safe to drink.

For details of what’s in your water, see Drinking water quality

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The Annual Water Quality Report includes the physical and chemical parameters of the drinking water produced at Auckland’s main water treatment plants. See Reports and publications

Wastewater, or sewage, is liquid waste. This includes toilet waste, grey water and trade waste.

Wastewater collection and treatment

Your wastewater is carried through a public wastewater network to one of 18 wastewater treatment plants.  Most wastewater is treated at the Mangere or Rosedale plants. 

Wastewater collection and treatment

Wastewater is liquid waste or sewage, including from toilets. Stormwater is rainwater that runs off roofs or collects on roads, etc. It is carried in separate stormwater pipes. View diagram

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The Auckland region receives between 1200 and 1250 millimetres of rain per year.

Current water storage levels

A study of water use in Auckland found that people typically use between 140 and 170 litres of water a day.

A kilolitre (kL) is 1,000 litres. Your bill is based on a per kL charge.

No. The water we supply is not heated. You are responsible for heating your water with a hot water cylinder or other system.