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Mobile app FAQs

Learn more about using our mobile app.

How can I download the app?
What versions of IOS and Android will support the app?
I already use MyAccount, do I need to sign up again for the app?
Does the app and MyAccount look the same?
Can I use the app on my laptop?
Can I use the app if I don’t have a smart meter?
Does the app refresh the data daily and at what time?
Can I pay my bill on the app?
Can I change my automatic payments on the app?
Will I be able to set up, amend or cancel direct debits from the app?
Can I see my historical water bills on the app?
Can I see my historical water use on the app?
Will the app let me know if I have a leak?
I am a landlord. Can my tenants download the app?
I own multiple properties with smart meters. Can I see all of them in the one app?
Missing random days of data? What's the reason for that?
How do I turn haptics off?
I keep getting alerts, how do I turn them off?