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Faults and outages FAQs

Frequently asked questions about faults and outages in our network.

General faults and outages information

Fault on my property: I have a leak, blocked drain or other plumbing problem
Fault on my street: How do I report a leak, burst pipe of flooding?
Am I being charged for water that's leaking?
Can I pay Watercare's contractors to fix the pipes on my property?
Can you reimburse my plumber's invoice?
For emergency water shutdowns, why can't the contractors visit my home to inform me?
How do I claim a leak allowance?
How quickly will you respond to my problem?
I am a tenant. What do I do about a leak?
If I have discoloured water, what does it cost to flush the tap for 10 minutes?
There is a leak in my private pipeline, but I don't know where it's coming from. What can I do?
There is a problem with the water supply (no water, strange taste, colour, smell)
There is a problem with the water meter
What financial assistance is available to help pay for leak repairs on my property?
What happens during an outage or interruption?
When should I call a plumber?
Who pays to repair a leak?