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Billing, payment and accounts FAQs

Frequently asked questions about MyAccount, paying bills, and charges.


What is MyAccount?
Who can register for MyAccount?
How can I see my account balance?


Can I pay my bill online?
Can I pay part of my bill online rather than the full amount?
Can I get a refund if my account goes into credit due to a leak allowance?
Can I pay someone else's bill?
How can I get a copy of my bill?
How do I cancel an automatic bank payment?
How do I cancel my direct debit or recurring credit card payment?
How do I claim the water bill as part of my Auckland Council rates rebate?
How often do I get a bill?
I have set up direct debit, but no payments have been taken out. Why is it not working?
I'm selling my house. What happens to my water account?
I'm struggling to pay my bill
Is there a late payment fee?
What is the process for setting up or closing an account?
When do I have to pay my bill?
When I set up direct debit over the phone, why do you read out the terms and conditions?
When is payment due?
When will I receive my bill?
Who can I talk to about my water bill?
Why has my Watercare account number changed?


Can I reduce the amount I pay for wastewater services?
How are commercial wastewater charges calculated?
How are the charges split between water and wastewater?
How much does it cost to water my garden?
What is the charge for filling a swimming pool?
Why is wastewater charged at a higher rate?


What is e-billing?
When will I receive my first e-bill?
How long before the due date will I receive my e-bill?
Can I view previous bills online?
Can I use the same payment method as for paper bills?
I'm a tenant. Can I set up e-billing?
Will I still receive my bill by post?
If I delete my e-bill can I get another copy?
Why haven't I received my e-bill?
Can I change my email address for e-billing?
Can I go back to paper bills?