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How to apply for a Certificate of Acceptance (CoA)
how to apply for a CoA

This section of our website will guide you through the steps required to apply for a Certificate of Acceptance (CoA). A CoA certifies that an infrastructure asset - water supply or wastewater - built under Auckland Council Engineering Planning Approval (EPA) meets Council requirements and our code of practice. All water and wastewater infrastructure assets constructed and connected under an Engineering Planning Approval (EPA) must follow our CoA process.

Change to the Code of Practice (effective 10 August 2020)

Service leads to watermain have been updated to include lockable meter boxes. Please refer to COP WS18 for specification and watch this short video tutorial.

Follow the step-by-step process below to apply for a CoA.

The merchants approved by us for the supply of Strongcast meter boxes are:


Step 1: Pre-construction meeting
Step 2: Site inspections
Step 3: Asset acceptance
Step 4: Shutdown
Step 5: Final walk-over
Step 6: Certificate of Acceptance (CoA)
Step 7: Invoice
Step 8: Payment