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Water is the life blood of our city. Find out how we can all make simple changes to protect and sustain this precious resource and pass on knowledge to our future generations.

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Tips and resources for saving water at home

Photo of a woman and man washing and drying dishes at their kitchen sink.

Saving water at home

While our individual household actions might seem small, 1.7 million of us contribute to Auckland’s water use and wastewater generation every day. Check out our tips and resources so you can make small changes with big impact.

Photo of someone watering a garden with a hose and trigger nozzle.

Saving water in the garden

While you're outside getting some vitamin D, why not take the opportunity to upgrade your plants to suit the seasonal conditions and ensure your green spaces stay healthy. We’ve got some tips, for those with or without green fingers.

Photo of two young boys brushing their teeth.

What not to flush

Did you know that pouring fat down your drain and flushing things like wet wipes down your toilet can lead to some real nastiness?

Woman having her hair cut at salon.

Saving water in your workplace

We delve into why every Kiwi business, big or small, should care about saving water – for the sake of our environment as well as your bottom line. Plus, we give you some helpful tips on where to start.

Small girl watering plant.

Water for our children

At home or at school, children can discover and share their knowledge about water and its amazing journey from sky to sea. We’ve got fun games, facts, gardening ideas and more.

Resources for schools

image for Free water education lessons

Free water education lessons

Schools across Auckland are making the most of our free education programme and learning about water, wastewater, and their local environment.

Close up photo of a child holding a Freshwater Detectives kit.

Freshwater Detectives™ kit

Escape the classroom with our interactive resource kit, tailored to Kiwi schools. It's filled with fun, easy exercises that teachers and students will love.

Image showing Sam and Flo books on three device screens.

Stories for kids

Written by Sally Smith, and illustrated by Auckland artist Emma Scheltema, these books are a great way to talk to kids about saving water.

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How to prevent blockages and overflows

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Sustainability and environment

Learn why sustainability action and supporting communities helps Watercare deliver healthy and safe water to Auckland’s people now and for the future.

What we do

We supply Auckland’s people with safe drinking water and reliable wastewater services while looking after waterways and the environment.

Water collection, treatment and monitoring

Learn where Auckland’s water comes from and how it’s collected, treated and monitored.