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Manage your water account with ease: make payments, get your current balance, understand charges, sign up for e-billing and more.

Pay a bill

Whether you want to pay once or set up a recurring payment, you’ll find every option available.

Higher bill than usual?

Common causes for a high bill and what you can do to rule out possible causes.

Log in to MyAccount

Make payments, get your account balance, set up e-billing and much more.

Self-service tools

image for Register for MyAccount

Register for MyAccount

Update your account details and manage your billing and payments in our self-service online portal.

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Get the Watercare app

Download our app to get more info on your water use and to manage your bill.

Billing and charges

Learn all about your water bill and responsibilities as a property owner.

Picture of a bill.

How to read your bill

Find out what the information on your bill means.

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How charges work

Understand how you're charged for water and wastewater services.

image for Higher bill than usual?

Higher bill than usual?

Common causes for a high bill and what you can do to rule out possible causes.

Save money with e-billing

Sign up for e-billing in MyAccount to avoid postage costs.

Get account balance

Check your current account balance in MyAccount or using our app.

Get a copy of your bill

Download a copy for free through MyAccount or contact us.

Account management

Resources for changing access, tenants and buying or selling property.

image for Grant access to your account

Grant access to your account

If you're the property owner, here's how to grant authority to others to access your account.

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Moving house

Here's what you need to know about managing your account when you buy or sell a property.

Two men sitting on the steps of a house

Help for tenants

Useful information for people who live in a rental property.

Managing your water

Worried about a leak or need information about how to track your water use? Here’s information to help.

image for Find and read your meter

Find and read your meter

How to find and read your meter to check water use or confirm a leak.

Photo of a man kneeling next to his open meter box, with a woman standing on the driveway.

Check for leaks

The steps you can take to check whether you have a leak on your property.

Photo showing two men kneeling next to an open water meter box.

Who is responsible?

Understand who’s responsible for payments, pipes, water meters, repairs and more.

Special support

Learn how we support our customers.

A grandma comforting her grandkids on the front porch of their house

Loss of a loved one

Guidance on managing a water account when a loved one has passed away.

image for Financial hardship

Financial hardship

See how we can help in the case of financial challenges.

Blind woman with cane.

Priority assistance

Solutions for those who live with sight or hearing impairment, a medical condition or disability.

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Tips to save water (and reduce your water bill) around the house.

Accounts FAQs

All your questions answered - from billing and payments to accounts.

Customer promise, standards and contract

Understand what you can expect from us, how to help us maintain great service standards and how our contract works.