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Ō āhei i roto o MyAccount

What you can do in MyAccount

Managing your Watercare account online gives you fast access to the most updated billing information and lets you set up billing and payments in a way that works for you.

Using MyAccount, you can:

  • get your account balance
  • pay bills or set up direct debit or recurring payments
  • check your account balance
  • sign up for e-billing
  • view or print past bills
  • apply for a leak allowance
  • connect to Xero.

You can also manage multiple accounts under a single login.

How to register

  • To register for MyAccount, you’ll need your latest water bill. We’ll need:
  • your Watercare account number
  • the date on the bill
  • the balance on the bill.

Our step-by-step video below walks you through.

If you’re a tenant, you can register using the water account details for your property. An authorised tenant can access all the billing and payment features of MyAccount. If you’re unauthorised, you can still register and pay your bills online, however you’ll have limited access to other features. Your landlord can authorise you by completing an online form.

Register for Watercare’s MyAccount

Do more with our app

Our app lets you track your water use, view billing data and manage your account all from your mobile. Download it for free and use your MyAccount login details to connect your property.


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