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Freshwater Detectives™ kit

Teachers can lead their own freshwater sampling field trips.

Turn your class into a squad of Freshwater Detectives

We have created the Freshwater Detectives™ kits for teachers to engage with their students on their own local freshwater sampling field trips. The kit is especially tailored to New Zealand schools and our unique Kiwi environment, and makes for a fun, easy learning exercise that teachers and students will all enjoy. The kit guides classes through:

  • How streams become polluted.
  • Which bugs can be found in streams, what they look like and what their presence can tell you about the quality of the water.
  • How to test for turbidity, pH, nitrate and oxygen.
  • How to make a water scoop.
Close up photo of a child holding a Freshwater Detectives kit.

The kit contains two short videos. One is a simple guide for teachers on how to use the kit. The other instructs teachers and students what to do on the field trip, how to test water and how to interpret the results using our results poster and explanation sheets.

We understand that every school has a different schedule, so the programme is flexible. You can run the field trip and results kit over a single day or divide it into sessions over a school term.

Each kit costs $300 including GST and can be used with one or two classes. These kits can be managed by schools after purchase by replacing test items, so your students can take advantage of this water education tool for many years to come.

Email the team for more information at [email protected].