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Stay on the pulse with news and updates, and info on our projects across Auckland.

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Price change

Our water and wastewater prices changed on 1 July. Understand what this means for you.

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Priority assistance

If you or a loved one is sight or hearing impaired, has health or medical issues, or requires a translator, we can offer free, practical support.

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Higher bill than usual

A higher than usual spike in your water bill can come as a surprise, and you’ll want to know what’s caused it. Follow our step-by-step guide to explore possible causes.

image for Who is responsible for pipes?

Who is responsible for pipes?

Ownership of water and wastewater pipes passes from us to you at the point of supply. Here’s how to pinpoint where that is on your property.

All about water

Photo of a man kneeling next to his open meter box, with a woman standing on the driveway.

How to check for leaks

Learn how to check for a leak on your property. If you have a leak and you don't fix it, it could result in a much bigger water bill and water damage to your property.

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Saving water at home

Take charge! Save on your water bill and help to reduce how much water you use, with these handy tips on using less water in your kitchen, bathroom and laundry.

Photo of a woman and man washing and drying dishes at their kitchen sink.

How to prevent blockages and overflows

We all love Auckland’s beaches, parks and neighbourhoods. But sometimes wastewater can overflow from private drains and public manholes onto land and into waterways. We can all play a role in preventing overflows.