Image of a water calculator which encourages people to take the test and calculate their water footprint

Water calculator

It takes less than five minutes to find out what your household's water footprint is.

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Our work to repair the Orakei main sewer

Auckland sinkhole

Keep up to date with our mahi to repair the Ōrākei main sewer after a sinkhole formed above it at the end of September.

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Image showcasing the services we offer customers who are hearing and sight impaired or require additional assistance via our priority assistance service

Priority assistance

Whether you or your loved one is sight or hearing impaired, requires a translator, or is facing financial difficulties, we can make life a little easier. 

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Tap into our app and manage your account on the go

Tap into our app!

Our free app provides a self-service tool that lets you dip into your payment history, make one-off payments, view your current and previous water bills and more. Head straight to the App Store or Google Play and get downloading.

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