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If your account is in credit, you can apply for a refund.

Important information
Refunds will be paid back to the same person that the money was received from. If you wish a refund to be paid into a different bank account, conditions apply and approval is subject to our review of your request. Your first refund of a calendar year is free, but an administration fee of $31.05 (includes GST) will apply for further refunds in the same year.

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All refunds will be paid back into the same bank account that the money was received from, or credit card.

Please complete the following if you want to receive your refund to a different bank account.

If you choose this option, you must attach a bank deposit slip, statement or letter which shows the payer’s name and bank account number.


Optional image upload (100 Mb limit) JPG and PNG files are accepted. We cannot accept .jfif files from mobile phones.

Please note - if you attach the incorrect file type you will receive an error page - please go back and change the file format.

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