Water meter test request form

Prior to submitting the water meter test request, please ensure that you have followed our step by step process as a way to rule in and rule out possible causes. For more information, please click here

Important information

Water meter tests are performed by meter experts from an independent company. Please complete separate forms for each water meter.

1. Relationship to property

Please note, unauthorised tenants or agents cannot apply for a water meter test. Visit www.watercare.co.nz for more information about authorising tenants and agents.

2. Applicant's details

You can find your meter number on the back of your water bill, under ‘consumption details’

Onsite contact details: 


3. Property details 


4. Property access




5. Fees and payment

If the test finds the meter is accurate to +/-3%, the charge for the test will appear on the next bill. For our fees see www.watercare.co.nz. If the meter is faulty, we will replace it free of charge. Large meters (over 25mm) cannot be tested on-site and a quote will be provided for this before meter can be tested.

6. Authorisation

Privacy - We may use this information to process your application, update our records or help improve our services. We will not disclose it unless required by law. You have the right to access your information, and you can ask us to correct any errors