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The forms below are designed to obtain all the information we require to efficiently address your enquiry. Please take care when selecting which form to fill out. Selecting the wrong form could mean a delay in answering your enquiry.

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Please follow this step by step process for all forms that need downloading.

  1. Click on the form you want, then once it's open on your screen select the down arrow in the top right-hand corner to 'download'.
  2. Complete the fields by typing in the required information. If a signature is required, please use an electronic one.
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Alternatively, you can download the form, print it out, complete it and sign it by hand before scanning and emailing to us.
Accounts, billing and payment

Direct debit authority
Have payments debited from your bank account

Property management agreement
Add or remove property management authority

Request a refund 
If your account is in credit, you can apply for a refund

Apply for a leak allowance
Apply for a partial credit for a water leak

Change of commercial lease - bills remain in owner's name
Please complete this form if you want the account to remain in your name with c/- the Tenant printed on the invoices

Change of commercial lease - bills to be mailed to the lessee
Complete this form If you want bills to be mailed to the lessee

Wastewater audit
Learn more: Apply for a wastewater audit

Alter commercial wastewater charges due to special circumstances
Learn more: Wastewater pricing plans

Solicitors: Notice of sale 
Notify us of sale

Building and developing
Water meters
Trade waste
Backflow and standpipes
Bulk water supply
Working near our assets
Connecting your property
Other forms