Annual wastewater charge: opt-in

Important: The 2023 opt-in period has closed. Applications received from here on in will be for the 2024/2025 period.

Please complete this form online if you wish to pay the fixed wastewater charge once a year.

Please note:
You can opt in by 5pm on 17 June. The opt in period runs from 1 July to 30 June each financial year.
Once you have opted in, this will roll over each year. You don’t need to contact us unless you wish to opt out or are selling your property.
If you have more than one account, please submit individual requests per account.

Account details

Your details

  • I am legally responsible for paying the water bill.
  • The annual wastewater charge will show on my bill for July or August.
  • If I opt in before 17 June billing of the annual fixed charge will start from 1 July of the current year. Otherwise it will start from 1 July of the next year.
Each month, direct debit payments cover the full amount of the bill. If you or your tenants are paying via direct debit, you will need to discuss payment of the July/August bill. This bill will be higher than usual as it will include the annual lump sum payment for fixed charges. For more information click here.

The landlord is still ultimately responsible for ensuring that the water account is paid as our supply contract is with the property owner – see the customer contract. Recovery of any unpaid usage is between the landlord and the tenant and depends on the conditions of the tenancy agreement in place. See also the government site Tenancy Services: Water and wastewater charges