Apply for a commercial connection

Our development portal is up and running
The portal makes it easy to apply for and track new connections, asset creation and works over applications. Once you’ve set up your account you can access the dashboard for progress updates or to apply for a new connection.


Apply for a commercial connection

This section is for customers who want to connect a non-residential property. It also applies to multiple residential units (e.g apartment buildings) and mixed-use developments.

You can apply for the following connection services:  

  • Water and wastewater (connect to both networks) 

  • Water only (new or additional meter*) 

  • Wastewater only

* Examples of where additional meters may be required: an apartment building with retail shops below, a shopping centre, a business centre with several offices.

The buttons below take you to our development portal where you can apply for a commercial connection or view your dashboard.

button that allows you to apply for a commercial connection

button that allows you to view your dashboard in our development portal

Got a question? 

Phone us on (09) 442 2222, press 4. Or email [email protected] 

I need advice
Are there services in my area?
I want an additional meter/multiple meters

Prepare your information   

To avoid delays, please ensure you have everything you need before you apply.  

Information required for ALL commercial connections:

What else do I need to provide? 

IN ADDITION to providing the above information, please check the requirements for the service you want: 

Water and wastewater (connect to both networks)
Water only (new or additional water meter)
Wastewater only
Use existing wastewater connection

When you have your information ready, follow these steps: 


For all services, click here to apply online or you can download the commercial services application form

What happens next? 

When we receive your application, we will either  

  • send you an application number OR  

  • request more information for our technical assessment

Wastewater: We will review your plans to connect your private drain to the wastewater network. In some cases we may redirect you to Auckland Council for building consent or engineering approval.

Connect water
Connect wastewater

What is the time frame for installing a connection? 

You can expect an invoice within 10 days of when we receive your application. We aim to deliver the service you have requested within 15 working days of receiving payment.  

When does billing start? 

Water and wastewater: We start charging from the time we install the meter. 

Water only: We start charging from the time we install the meter. 

Wastewater only: We start charging from the date we approve your application.