Our commitment to you

Every day we supply Aucklanders with high quality drinking water. We also collect and treat your wastewater so it can be released safely into the environment.

How we meet our service standards

Water supply pressure 

Minimum normal service target: 200 kilopascals (kPa)

Water supply flow rate

Minimum normal service target: 25 litres per minute*

Water quality

Maintain Ministry of Health drinking water standard

Restoring water shutdowns

96 per cent restored within 5 hours

Enquiries and complaints

Respond to enquiries within 3 working days of receiving them
Respond to complaints within 10 working days of receiving them

*Based on 15mm residential water meter

Minimum cost

All the money we receive from you goes back into the water and wastewater infrastructure or providing services. We receive no money from Auckland Council or the government. 
Learn more: How we are funded

Customer contract

The customer contract explains your rights and responsibilities, and our obligations to you. Click here for more.

Your water supply
Your wastewater services
Working on your property

We take your needs seriously

  • We consult regularly with our customers on topics that affect them, as well as review complaints, to ensure we understand and address their concerns.

  • We inform you through our website, direct mail, newsletters and by phone.

  • We look at what we can do better or differently, to reduce problems and complaints.

We welcome your input. Contact us or click the blue ‘Give feedback’ button at bottom of the page.

Supporting our customers

We offer a range of help and information including water-saving tips. For help and advice click here.

If you want to make a complaint

If you have any concerns about our services, please get in touch so that we can resolve your problem promptly. Make a complaint.

Read our complaints management policy here.