I'm a Resident

Kei a wai ngā kawenga?

Who is responsible?

Knowing your responsibilities for things like bill payments and potential repairs is crucial. We’re here to help you understand your obligations so you can plan next steps with confidence.

In a nutshell, our role at Watercare is to:

  • provide reliable, safe, efficient water and wastewater services for Auckland
  • maintain the public water and wastewater networks
  • monitor and test water quality
  • plan and deliver for future population growth.

But when certain scenarios pop up – for example, damage to pipes, wastewater problems at your home or issues over payments – there can be confusion about who’s legally responsible for what.

Have a look below to understand more about what your obligations are.

For a detailed overview of your rights and obligations as a customer and our obligations to you, please read our full customer contract.

Payment responsibilities 
Wastewater and stormwater
Faults, pipes, leaks and other plumbing problems
Water meters
Selling a house: homeowner and solicitor responsibilities
Change of tenant: landlord and property manager responsibilities
Property damage