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Apply for a leak allowance

Water is precious, so repairing leaks is important – both in our network and in your home. To encourage people to fix leaks quickly, we offer a leak allowance which is a partial credit on your account. Find out if you’re eligible for a leak allowance, and how to apply.

Eligibility for a leak allowance 

We offer a partial leak allowance to encourage everyone to repair leaks as soon as possible. You’re eligible for a leak allowance if:

  • you fixed a leak within 21 days of receiving a letter or email from us alerting you to a higher-than-normal bill, or
  • you fixed a leak before receiving a letter from us about a higher-than-normal bill.

How to apply for a leak allowance 

1. Fix the leak

It’s best to use a plumber because even a small leak may be a sign of a bigger problem. Make sure you keep the plumber’s receipt; you’ll need it for your application.

If you fix the leak yourself, let us know when you fill out the application form.

2. Apply

You can either apply via our online form or use MyAccount. Just log in to your account and select ‘Apply for leak allowance’ in the top bar.

Things to know

In some cases, a leak allowance may be declined. Reasons for this could include:

  • the leak was not fixed within 21 days of you receiving a letter or email from us alerting you to a higher-than-normal bill
  • we received your application more than three months after you fixed the leak
  • multiple leak applications have been made for the same property within the last two years
  • we believe the high water use was likely caused by pool-filling, topping up a water tank, using an irrigation system, or exterior cleaning.

Please see the leak allowance terms and conditions below, and these FAQs for more information.

Need help paying your bill?

If you’re experiencing financial difficulty, we can provide options that may help.

Leak allowance terms and conditions

1. For the purposes of these terms and conditions, a leak is a crack, opening, hole or puncture through which water or sewage is unintentionally or wrongly escaping from any pipes, fittings or devices on your side of the point of supply.

2. We offer a leak allowance to encourage water efficiency and the timely repair of leaks.

3. A leak allowance is not used to subsidise a leak left long-term or unrepaired.

4. You must pay any outstanding amount owing in full, within 21 days of the date on our response to your application.

5. If you have another leak within two years of receiving a leak allowance, you may apply for another allowance. You must include a plumber’s invoice. Note: this second allowance will be for excess wastewater only.

6. Business customers will receive only an allowance for wastewater.

7. The application must be submitted within three months of receiving a letter or email regarding a higher-than-normal bill.