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Help for tenants

As a renter, you might need support understanding your responsibilities, making payments, or managing faults, leaks and plumbing issues. Let’s answer some common questions.

Tenant welcome pack

Check out this helpful PDF that tells you all about managing your water and wastewater with us if you’re a renter.

Moving in and moving out of your rental

It can be a hectic time if you’re moving in and out of a rental. Here’s some advice on managing your water and wastewater accounts to make things a little smoother.

When you move in or out, your landlord or property manager is responsible for letting us know.

But, as a renter, there are also some things to think about when it comes to managing your accounts. See ‘all about bill payments’ (above) for more.

Top tip

At the beginning and end of each tenancy, it’s a good idea to agree with your landlord on how to do the first and final readings of the water meter. This ensures each person pays only for the water they use.

All about bill payments

Authority and responsibility for the account
Arranging tenant access to the water account (authority access)
Register for MyAccount
Make a one-off payment
Set up recurring payments
Getting a copy of your bill
If the property you’re renting has a change in legal ownership

Tip: When you move in

Set up an agreement with your landlord or property manager about what do to if you get a leak or plumbing issue, including what to do when the landlord is unavailable. This way if the worst happens, you have a plan.

Plumbing issues, leaks and faults

Apply for a leak allowance

Our water network goes from the road to your water meter, and the meter box itself. Anything after your meter box is the property’s private network and we’re not responsible.

Generally it’s the landlord’s responsibility to fix leaks and pay for any repairs on the private network.

Tenants should notify the landlord or property manager as soon as there’s a problem. However, it may depend on the agreement you have with your landlord.

It’s important to fix leaks quickly to minimise property damage and avoid high water bills.

If you’re an authorised tenant and have paid to fix a leak, you may be entitled to a leak allowance.

Apply for a leak allowance