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Water fun for our kids

At home or kura (school), children can discover and share these fun facts about water conservation and enjoy heaps of hands-on activities.

We’re all about creating the next generation of water guardians with the help of teachers, parents and caregivers. That’s why we’re pleased you’re here!

Check out these facts, activities and resources, perfect for tackling school holiday blues or for incorporating into school lessons. Explore, download and learn.

School children with water lesson kits, sitting on the ground.

Fun facts about water

  1. Water is the most natural, healthy thing we can drink. On average, our bodies are about 60 per cent water and our brains are 78 per cent water.
  2. Water is vital for life. You would survive for less than a week without water. Eek!
  3. On average, every person in Auckland uses between 140 and 175 litres of water per day (but many of us don’t pause to wonder where it comes from or where it’s going!).

Water conservation

We waste water when:

  • we leave the tap running while brushing our teeth 
  • we let the tap run while waiting for the hot water to come through  
  • we have long showers 
  • we ignore running or dripping taps  
  • we wash clothes, food or dishes under a running tap.
  • Luckily, it's easy to make a few simple changes to be a water guardian.

Check out these resources that are all about conserving H20.

School children investigate a small stream.

Water conservation tips

Master these tricks.

Close up photo of a child holding a Freshwater Detectives kit.

Board game fun

Learn water-wise tips as you play.

School children stand on the bank of a stream.

Spot the difference

Look closely and find the things Sam and his family are doing to save water.

School children investigate a small stream.

Drips and rainbows game

If you like Snakes and Ladders, challenge your friends!

Water play and outdoor activities

Check all these fun water play activities!

Smart water play

Playing wisely outdoors.

Learn how to grow carrots

Carrots are fun and fast to grow.

Grow a bean in a glass jar

Grow beans in four weeks!

Reusing water in the garden

Make notes with this activity sheet.

How your water is treated

Before you fill your water bottle or wash your hands, the water you use will have been treated by one of Auckland's 15 water treatment plants.

Wastewater treatment

Learn all about the wastewater treatment process.