Leak repairs

Who is responsible for fixing a leak? 

Responsibility for fixing a leak depends on whether the leak is in our pipes or yours.

The exact location where responsibility passes from us to you is known as the point of supply. Learn more and view diagrams

Your responsibility

If the leak is on your side of the point of supply, it is probably a fault within your own supply pipe. You will need to get the leak fixed – we prefer that you use a registered plumber. This ensures a quality job is done, to keep your plumbing in good condition. If you’re a tenant, contact your landlord.

To ensure you're hiring a registered plumber and not a cowboy, click here for some helpful tips and scroll down to checklist for hiring a tradesperson.

Our responsibility

If there is a leak on our side of the point of supply, for example on the road or footpath, we will repair it as quickly as possible and restore water supplies. 

To report leaks on public property, please

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