Save water in your workplace

Make your business more water efficient

We're here to help your business achieve its water efficiency and sustainability goals. Some of the ways we can help you use less water are:

  • Go through your accounts and meters, and answer questions about your charges

  • Set up monthly reporting for businesses with multiple accounts who want to track water use

  • Set up temporary smart metering to build a ‘time of use’ profile and uncover leaks (charges may apply)

  • Discuss water management tools, and water-saving technology and techniques.

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Check out the video for more water saving tips and tricks.

image of a leak under a sink being fixed

Step-by-step to water efficiency

If you're keen on creating a step-by-step plan, click here to complete our online form. Some key steps you can take on your water efficiency journey are:

  • Engaging management and staff
  • Gathering information
  • Assessing your water efficiency
  • Implementing your water efficiency programme

You can also read our business case studies on NZ Bakels and Unitec.

When and how to kick-start your water efficiency journey

Whether the journey is big or small, it can be tricky to know where to start. We recommend starting with some easy wins, like making sure all equipment is working the way you want it to: sometimes water saving devices or settings can be accidentally turned off or changed. Many of our customers are often surprised to find they have a hidden private leak but equally pleased to see the savings on their monthly bill when the leak is repaired. These savings can be reinvested into equipment that minimises water wastage: like taps that only turn on when they sense your hands or flow aerators that deliver less water but with the same pressure.

image showing steps to help your business become more water efficient

Changing the way people choose to use water can take time, but it can make a measurable difference to your bill. Once you tick off some of the easier jobs (see the infographic above), money saved can be reinvested back into some more impressive water efficient ideas.

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