Landlords and property managers

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Do you have a new tenant?

Please tell us about any tenancy changes, so we can update the account.

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Authorising tenants

An authorised tenant can deal directly with us about the water account. 

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Pay fixed charge annually

Opt in and save time managing wastewater payments.

Information for landlords and tenants

For full details about utility bills and other issues, see the government site Tenancy Services

We offer a number of billing methods for landlords

Billing method Details How can I sign up? Does the tenant have authority?


​Landlord sends bill to tenant themselves

  Optional – landlord can choose


Quick and easy way to receive your bill via email

Sign up at any time via MyAccount, email or phone us.

Optional – landlord can choose
Paper or e-bill; tenant receives e-bill​

Reduces admin, as tenants automatically receive a copy of the water bill via email

​Sign up at any time via MyAccount or phone us.

Optional – landlord can choose
One-off annual payment of  fixed wastewater charges
  • Once you opt in, you will be billed your fixed wastewater charge as a one-off annual payment every July – unless you tell us you want to stop
  • Annual fixed wastewater charge billed on your July water bill
  • For the other 11 months of the year your water bills will show volumetric usage charges only, removing the hassle of splitting the monthly water bill for tenanted properties

You can opt in by 5pm on 17 June.

The period runs 1 July to 30 June every financial year.

Automatically applied, however the owner of the property remains ultimately responsible for payment


Who is responsible for ensuring the water bill is paid?
Why is the landlord responsible for the water bill?
Who arranges payment of the bill?
How do I authorise a tenant?
How does a property management agreement affect my dealings with Watercare?
Can I pay the fixed wastewater charge annually rather than monthly?
Who pays the fixed charge – the property owner or property manager?
Whose name is on the bill?
Can I have my bills sent by email?
Can the tenant receive a copy of the bill?
Who pays for plumbing repairs?