Apply for a leak allowance

Repairing leaks is important. We offer leak allowances to encourage everyone to fix leaks as soon as they can – ideally within a week or two.

A leak allowance is a partial credit that we may make at our discretion. The credit goes to your account after you have fixed a leak, and it will show on your next bill.

Please refer to the questions and answers below for more information. We recommend you read these before applying for a leak allowance. 

Before you apply for an allowance, please make sure you have read and understand the terms and conditions.

Please note: applications will not be accepted for filling pools, spas or water tank top-ups, or for operating irrigation systems, garden watering or water blasting.

Here’s how to apply for an allowance:

1. Fix the leak

  • Have your plumber's invoice available

2. Apply

  • Click here to apply via our online form
  • You can also apply using MyAccountJust log in to your account and select ‘Apply for leak allowance’ in the top bar.

General information about leaks

How can I confirm that I have a leak?
Who pays to repair a leak?
How soon should I apply for the allowance?
What does the allowance cover?
How is the allowance calculated?
When will the allowance take effect?
I've fixed a leak. Why is my latest bill still high?
Can I get a refund if my account goes into credit due to a leak allowance?
I am a business customer. Can I apply for the allowance?
Can I get an allowance for another leak?