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Saving water at your workplace

Try these tips for saving water at your business or workplace.

Saving water at your workplace can be good for the environment and finances.

Customers and community members are increasingly interested in environmentally-conscious businesses and organisations, and improving your water efficiency could help you reach your sustainability goals.

Whether it’s at church, your local community centre or the business where you work, here are some ways you can save water and improve water efficiency at your organisation. You’ll find more tips in the video below.

Create a water optimisation team 
Look for ‘low-hanging fruit’ like water leaks
Look for opportunities to improve water use
Check equipment and appliances 
Celebrate the wins
Have a regular monitoring process in place 

Our Water Efficiency Management Plan can help your organisation understand where you are using water and prioritise practical and effective ways to improve water use.

Kick-start water efficiency at your workplace

Whether the journey is big or small, it can be tricky to know where to start. We recommend starting with some easy wins, like making sure water-saving equipment is working the way you want it to.

Many of our customers are often surprised to find they have a hidden leak but equally pleased to see the savings on their monthly bill when the leak is repaired. These savings can be reinvested into equipment that minimises water wastage, like taps that only turn on when they sense your hands or flow aerators that deliver less water but with the same pressure.

Graphic showing the water saving measures that provide the best value for money.

Optimising the way a business or organisation uses water can take time, but it can make a measurable difference to your bill and environmental impact.

Our free water-saving posters can help remind your team members to save water.