Higher bill than usual

You may not have expected a high water bill, but this checklist can help you understand your water use.

1 Have we read your meter correctly?
2 Is it a catch-up bill after you have fixed a leak?
3 Are more people using water at your house?
4 Is it summertime?
5 Check for a leak

Check your meter accuracy

If none of the above checks apply, it is helpful to discuss your high bill with us. If we can confirm that your meter is working correctly, you will save the cost of a meter test. Phone (09) 442 2222, press 1.

If your meter is not working properly, you can request a meter test.

Learn more about meter tests: There is a problem with my meter.

I have fixed a leak, and my bill is still high

You may find that when we do the next meter reading after a leak repair, that bill is high too. The most likely reason is that we alternate actual and estimated meter readings. Learn more: Leak allowance 

Other causes

There are two other possible reasons for the bill remaining high:

  • There is a second leak, or the first leak was not properly fixed.
  • The meter was read incorrectly – this is rare. See Step 1 above.