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Below are our current domestic and commercial charges

Domestic charges
Commercial charges
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Note: New water meter charges have been adjusted to reflect the change from mechanical meters to smart meters.

Infrastructure Growth Charge (IGC)

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Domestic charges
Commercial charges
Infrastructure growth charge (IGC)

Concerned about wastewater charges?

If you believe there are special circumstances that warrant a change to your wastewater charges, go to Wastewater pricing plans.

If you believe that your actual percentage of wastewater discharge falls outside the range for your industry type, go to Wastewater audits.

If you have any questions about your pricing plan, please call us on 09 442 2222, press 2.

What about charges for trade waste?

Trade waste is charged as wastewater under the business wastewater tariff. This means there are no separate charges for carrying and treating trade waste.

For trade waste agreement charges, see Other charges.